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Viernes, 22 de Febrero de 2019 Año X «Cuatro cosas es necesario extinguir en su principio: las deudas, el fuego, los enemigos y la enfermedad.»
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Mexican fishermen file US lawsuit against BP for Gulf oil spill damages - EL PA?S in English
Mexican fishermen file US lawsuit against BP for Gulf oil spill damages  EL PA?S in English

It's been five years since a gigantic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico ? caused by an accident on a British Petroleum (BP) deep-sea exploration rig ? caused ...

1776 Songs About America - Noisey
1776 Songs About America  Noisey

To commemorate July 4, 1776, here are 1776 songs about America, with a Spotify playlist for you to stream them all.

Solidarity With Standing Rock! - In Defense of Marxism
Solidarity With Standing Rock!  In Defense of Marxism

On the windswept plains of south-central North Dakota, hundreds of miles from any major city, a slowly simmering drama has exploded suddenly into public ...

The Bankruptcy of Puerto Rican Capitalism - In Defense of Marxism
The Bankruptcy of Puerto Rican Capitalism  In Defense of Marxism

The capitalist crisis is relentless, ravaging one region of the world after another
As exemplified by Europe's ?weakest link,? economic and political turmoil in even ...

My View: Honest corruption - Weld for Birmingham
My View: Honest corruption  Weld for Birmingham

It's interesting living in Mexico
They still make Coca-Cola with cane sugar, not the corn syrup they now use in the U.S., so Cokes here taste the way they did ...

Is It Now Cultural Appropriation to Own Another Culture?s Artwork? - PanAm Post
Is It Now Cultural Appropriation to Own Another Culture?s Artwork?  PanAm Post

In 1986, Seattle resident Bruce Jacobsen bought an interesting robe at a Pioneer Square art gallery downtown
Known as a ?Chilkat robe?, Jacobsen was drawn ...

Puerto Rico: The Financial Implications of Dependency - Council On Hemispheric Affairs
Puerto Rico: The Financial Implications of Dependency  Council On Hemispheric Affairs

By: Emma Scully, Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs
On Monday, August 3, Puerto Rico's Public Finance Corporation defaulted on a $58 ...

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